September 21, 2012, 4-5pm – an in studio interview with that show’s guest and co-host Sarah Tsiang, editor of “Desperately Seeking Susans”, a poetry anthology of 40 Canadian poets named “Susan”. This, ahead of it’s upcoming launch and event of the same name this coming week at “Kingston Writersfest 2012”. Featured on the show are 10 poets from the book: Susan Holbrook, Susan McMaster, Susan Gillis, Susan Olding, Susan Glickman, Sioux Browning, Sue Goyette, Susan Musgrave, Sue MacLeod and Sue Sinclair.


this may take a couple of minutes to download through your media player – thanks for you patience

The “Susans” were all remote telephone readings, and wanted that desired effect of them calling from all over Canada so that it would “sound” both distant and different from the live studio interview – but I do apologize for a bit of a hissing undertone that is noticeable. It was not obvious in the editing process so I wasn’t aware until the show was on air. I don’t believe it detracts greatly from the wonderful readings. My thanks to all for their eager paricipation in this project, but again my apologies for the slight undertone. 



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