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simply a note and an apology – i am having, and have been having, issues attempting to upload last week’s show (Nov 23 – featuring Todd Swift and Ian Burgham’s launch and reading in Kingston) – hope to get those resolved soon and will then have that show posted here as soon as i am able – sorry for the delay and the inconvenience :(

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November 16, 2012, 4-5pm – featuring Catherine Owen reading from her latest collection of poetry, “Trobairitz”, at the Novel Idea Bookstore as part of her 2012 launch tour and with a prelude to the reading a short segment by 11 year old cousins, Jana and Lainie, reading from her book – and as well, from the Oct poetry @ the artel open mic reading series – readings by Joshua Jia and Kingston Poet Laureate Eric Folsom.

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November 9, 2012 – 4-5pm – featuring: Leah Murray from the Oct 22 Thrive Reading, and from the poetry@ the artel open mic reading series – Paul Chaput, Conor Barnes, Walter Lloyd – and as well one piece of music – Dorothea Paas with “Waking From a Dream”

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November 2, 2012, 4-5pm – immediately after the announcements the show featured a very short segment by Lainie Donnelly and Jana Dowd followed by a number of selected readings from the poetry @ the artel open mic reading series: Kingston Poet Laureate Eric Folsom, Joshua Jia, Jan Allen, Nel Colomoya, Ashley-Elizabeth Best, Sarah Richardson and Kin Man Young Tai.

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